Upturn Mat Gray Large

Upturn Mat Gray Large

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The Be One Breed Upturn Mat is made of 100% memory foam and features one soft side and one robust ride. It is available in three sizes and is designed to fit most standard crates. The comfortable, quilted cover is made of  a classy gray fabric and will help any pet feel relaxed.

Memory foam is ideal for every life-stage but especially for pets suffering from back, hip or joint pains. Be One Breed guarantees your pet will never touch the ground!

Yeah yeah... memory foam. But WHY?

  • It molds perfectly your pet’s tushie
  • It helps prevent joint problems
  • It provides optimal pressure distribution and pain relief
  • It allows your loyal friend to rest comfortably for hours

Good things come to those who wait as they say… Sometimes memory foam can take around 6 to 24 hours to regain its original shape. Shaking the mattress or pillow to separate the chunks will speed things up! If necessary, apply heat to make the memory foam rise. Using a steamer will surely do the job!


  • 100% memory foam filling
  • Reduces pressure on hips & joints
  • Prevents back pains & aches
  • Double sided
  • Made to fit crates
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