Superworms 100 Count

Superworms 100 Count

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Keep your reptile fed and happy with these Superworms. Superworms are the black and brown worm larvae of the darkling beetle. Easy to digest, they are a perfect nutritional choice for reptiles, and are a convenient food choice for your pet.


Feeder insect/invertebrate

Easily digestible


Includes: 100 Count

Food Type: Treat

Intended For: Anoles (e.g., Cuban False Chameleon/Chameleolis); Lizards (e.g., Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, Mountain Horned Dragons, Long-tailed, Curly-tailed, Plated); Chameleons (e.g., Jacksons, Veiled, Panther); Geckos (e.g., Leopard, Panther, Cave); Frogs (e.g., Pacman, Tomato, Tree)