Super Grip Leash - Black / Grey

Super Grip Leash - Black / Grey

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Julius-K9 Super Grip Leash -Double Clap - Adjustable - Wrap Around

2.2 Meters / 7 Ft

Length: 2,2 m / 7 feet

Width: 20 mm / 0.7 in

Weight of the dog: up to 50 kg / 110 lbs

Lengths:  3 adjustable sizes  (2.2m, 1.6m, 1.25m)

Double Clasp for Multiple Use - Walking 2 Dog, Wrap Around, Training, and Front & Back Leading Leash


This leash is made of strong but soft-touch textile. The special combination of rubber and Textile ensures incredible strength and optimal grip when using the leash giving you the ability to lead the dog comfortably and securely.  It’s practical in rain or snowy conditions - Excellent for walks, sport activities or training.


Great for 2 dogs on one leash or can be used as a wrap around leash ( Over the Shoulder) or multiple connection points on a Dog harness and collar (or attachment accessory).

Can be used in Conjunction with the Front Leading Ring Attachment

Easy to Clean, Long lasting and Built to last in any situation