NaturPet Joint Care 100ML

NaturPet Joint Care 100ML

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It’s hard to see your pet slowing down because of Arthritis. NaturPet’s JOINT CARE is an oral remedy with a balanced formula of herbs that work together to effectively relieve the symptoms of your pet’s arthritic condition. Maintaining a healthy weight though a healthy diet is an important part of relieving the stress on your pet’s joints. Exercise is an important part of maintaining mobility. Provide opportunities for gentle, regular exercise for your pet. We hope they will be moving more easily soon.

Key Benefits

• Cleans out calcium deposits in joints
• Eliminates damaging acids and toxins
• Reduces inflammation
• Helps relieve your pet’s pain and improves mobility
• Prevents flare-ups when used long term
• Useful for aging pets that may be at risk
• Suitable for both cats and dogs

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