Lock-It Medium 3PK

Lock-It Medium 3PK

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KONG Lock-it is a treat puzzle that keeps dogs playing and engaged while they eat. Designed for variety, this toy provides a varied challenge for dogs while rewarding them with treats or kibble along the way. Fill pods with treats or kibble and lock them together with a simple twist, to vary the challenge connect or add multiple pods together for added fun. Each small pod holds up to 1/4 cup, each medium pod holds up to 1/3 cup while each large pod holds up to 1/2 cup making this toy a food bowl alternative helping with mental engagement and weight management.


Durable treat puzzle satisfies foraging instincts

Connect and/or add pods to vary the challenge

Use as a food bowl alternative for mental engagement

Slows feeding down to manage weight

Grooved exterior cleans teeth and gums

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