Kickeroo Stickaroo

Kickeroo Stickaroo

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KONG Kickeroo Stickeroo delivers multi-sensory enrichment in a long soft, shape that encourages healthy full-body wrestling and hind paw kicking. Squiggly seaweed and a school of eye-catching shiny fish tethered with elastic invite dynamic batting and pouncing for “undersea” adventures. They’re also great for rewarding catch and capture instincts. Crackle sounds and KONG Premium North American Catnip throughout the stick encourage natural, satisfying fun with every move.


Long shape invites healthy full-body wrestling

Fish and seaweed spark catch-and-capture instincts

Crackles to extend engagement

Shiny characters and felt material pique and reward playtime

KONG Premium North American Catnip inside boosts fun