Hi-Back Open Litter Pan Jumbo - Blue

Hi-Back Open Litter Pan Jumbo - Blue

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The Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Pan provides cats with a roomy litter box that keeps floors clean. The high-sided litter box is designed to keep litter contained and prevent litter scatter and spray. The lowered entry of the pan provides easy entrance for older cats or cats with mobility issues. The open top design provides plenty of space above to allow cats to move around freely in the litter box. The durable, reinforced bottom is built to withstand the weight of heavy litter and keeps the pan from tipping as pets step in and out. The open top kitty litter box is made of a non-stick plastic material that is easy to clean and wash off.



TALL BACKSIDE: Kitty litter box is designed with a high-profile back side that protects floors when cats scatter litter

OPEN-TOP DESIGN: Large litter box provides ample space on all sides and above for cats to move comfortably

SLOPED ENTRY: Lowered entrance allows cats to step in and out of the open top high side litter box with ease; ideal for use as a kitten litter box or a litter box for older cats

LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: Petmate's high back cat litter boxes have a durable, reinforced bottom for a long-lasting and tip-resistant design

EASY TO CLEAN: Large cat litter box features a durable plastic construction that's easy to wipe down and wash off