Frozen - Raw Turkey Necks 1LB

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Pets 4 Life is proud to introduce Purely Naturals – a brand new line of recreational bones and treats! Made only from the finest Canadian raised,  hormone and antibiotic free, federally inspected “AAA” beef,bison, chicken or turkey, we’re confident that there is simply no finer recreational treat available on the market today.

Whole raw meaty bones are an essential part of a balanced raw diet. Chewing raw bones cleans teeth, strengthens jaws, stimulates digestive enzymes and replicates your pet's instinctive way of eating.

Because Pets 4 Life bones are truly fresh and all natural, look for them in the freezer section of your retailer or veterinarian. When not being actively chewed by your dog, we recommend storing them in your fridge or freezer.

Our raw marrow bones are irresistible for dogs who love to chew, and still have loads of fresh, tasty beef attached to them, for hours of safe, enthusiastic chewing.


Pets 4 Life patella and split knuckle bones are an all natural, additive free source of glucosamine and chondroitin – essential for joint health and comfort.


Pets 4 Life Turkey or Chicken necks are a safe, softer treat for puppies, kittens or pets with weaker jaws. Ferrets and cats especially love our chicken and turkey necks. They are big enough for the largest dogs, and yet easily cut into pieces small enough for toy dogs, puppies or kittens.