Frozen Raw Kefir & Cranberry Goat Milk 975ML

Frozen Raw Kefir & Cranberry Goat Milk 975ML

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Raw probiotic superfood for dogs and cats. The probiotic properties come from carefully selected bacteria cultures and kefir micro-organisms. Guaranteed billions of live probiotics.

Due to the fermentation, this product is lactose-free. Goat milk is extremely easy
to digest. It has shown to help pets with digestive problems and skin allergies. Raw goat milk is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and enzymes. Cranberries contain Vit C, dietary fiber, and manganese. Cranberries can help the urinary tract and are an antioxidant.



-Probiotic Superfood


-Improves Digestion

-Builds Bone Density

-Reduced Allergy Symptoms

-Supports Brain Function

-Aids the Urinary Tract

-Boosts Immunity

-Source of Antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Manganese


Ingredients: Raw goat milk, Cranberry powder, kefir microorganisms, bacterial cultures (lactococcus lactis, leuconostoc mesenteroides).


Made in Canada