Booties Medium

Booties Medium

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Whether you’re trying to keep ice-balls from forming between your pup's toes, or protecting their paws from rocky trails during summer hikes, our booties are designed with all seasons in mind. The booties are also great for city walks to protect dog's paws from cold, salted sidewalks.

Made with a lightweight stretchy fabric for breath-ability and a gripped bottom for extra traction, our booties protect paws while also allowing dogs to feel the ground while running.


We teamed up with veteran sled dog racers here in the USA to make the same booties their sled dogs wear. They're lighter, better fitting, and stay on more effectively than traditional, clunky rubber booties.


Because our booties are sock-like, replacements are affordable and you can order as many as needed individually. Make sure to order the correct size and tighten the velcro strap snugly for the best fit. Wilderdog booties come with a lightweight mesh baggie for easy storage, organization, and the ability to dry quickly if wet. Made in the USA. Each bootie weighs 0.7 ounces.


The booties can be used for summer walks, as they do provide some barrier between their paws and the ground, but always do the 8 second touch test before taking your pups out on hot days to make sure they are comfortable. If you don't want to keep your hand on the ground for 8 seconds due to heat, schedule your walk for later in the day when it's cooler out.




Small (orange) - 3" wide x 5⅜" tall

Medium (blue) - 3½" wide x 5⅜" tall

Large (green) - 4" wide x 5½" tall


Choose the size that is an inch bigger than the width of your dogs foot for proper fit. Measure the foot at the widest spot while your dog is standing with weight on the foot.




(This dogs foot is 2-1/2" wide so after adding an inch the dog would need a size medium.)