Tag Wallet - Purple

Tag Wallet - Purple

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The Tag Wallets are similar in purpose as the Tag Bags however, the Tag Wallets slide directly onto the pet's collar and lay flat against the neck. The tags are kept protected inside with a hook and loop closure at the top, and a smaller key ring attached to a .6 cm (1/4 inch) elastic sewn into a side seam. The Tag Wallet is held securely in place with a first-rate 2.5 cm (1 inch) wide woven elastic. This elastic has a wide and a narrow slot stitched in place for the different widths of collars.


Our Tag Wallets are hand-made in Alberta, Canada by trained staff and they accomplish three main purposes:


They keep your pet's tags quiet.  Tag Wallets prevent jingling noises when your pets roam at night.

They keep your pet's tags readable. Tag Wallets prevent your pet's tags from premature wear when they rub together. This is most important when you need to get a lost pet home.

They keep your pet's coat clean. Tag Wallets prevent staining of your pet's coat by the cheap-metal tags that so many towns and cities use for their pet licence tags.

Dimensions: approximately 5 cm wide by 4.5 cm tall (2 inches x 1.75 inches).


Each Tag Wallet will hold up to 3 tags that are each 4 cm wide by 3.5 cm tall (1.5 inches x 1.40 inches).


Made from durable 400 denier polyurethane-coated nylon fabric. Sewn with 69B bonded nylon thread.


Available in various colours.