Covid-19 and MOMMS

Welcome to the new online shop for MOMMS Premium Pet Foods.

We have decided to launch an online store along side our normal physical store, to help do our part in fighting Covid-19. You can now purchase your pet's food and supplies from our online store, and we will prepare it for a curbside pickup! Our physical store is not closed at this time, so you are still able to shop in store at the Lake Bonavista Promenade or you can use this online store.

Please note that if you need delivery, this is an option we can provide. Delivery will be provided at no extra charge to those in need. This includes those that are unable to leave their residence because of quarantine. The areas that we are offering this free delivery to are: Willow park, Maple Ridge, Lake Bonavista, Parkland, Diamond Cove, Queensland, Deer Run/Ridge, and Canyon Meadows.

For more information about our delivery service please call (403) 225-8501 or email us at